Suprava Patnaik

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In this paper an image fusion technique is developed to remove clouds from satellite images. The proposed method involves an auto associative neural network based PCAT (principal component transform) and SWT (stationary wavelet transform) to remove clouds recursively which integrates complementary information to form a composite image from multitemporal(More)
Human uses visual information while trying to understand speech, especially in noisy conditions or in situations where the audio signal is not available. Lip reading is the technique of a comprehensive understanding the underlying speech by processing on the movement of lips. However, the recognition of lip motion is a difficult task since the region of(More)
The objective of voice conversion is to replace the speaker-dependent characteristics of the source speaker so that it is perceptually similar to that of the target speaker. The speaker-dependent spectral parameters are characterized using single-scale interpolation techniques such as linear predictive coefficients, formant frequencies, mel cepstrum(More)
In a vehicle license plate extraction system, plate region detection is the key step before the final recognition. This paper presents a license plate detection algorithm from complex background based on gradient analysis and prolonged haar wavelet transform. First the license plate region is approximately detected using gradient analysis and top hat(More)
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