Suprava Patnaik

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This paper addresses the problem of recovering a super-resolved image from a single low resolution input. This is a hybrid approach of single image super resolution. The technique is based on combining an Iterative back projection (IBP) method with the edge preserving Infinite symmetrical exponential filter (ISEF). Though IBP can minimize the reconstruction(More)
Character segmentation and recognition are imperative steps in the vehicle license plate recognition (VLPR) system. The skewed license plate affects badly on the accurate character segmentation and recognition. To solve the problem, an efficient approach for skew correction of license plate is proposed based on wavelet transform and principal component(More)
The objective of voice conversion system is to formulate the mapping function which can transform the source speaker characteristics to that of the target speaker. In this paper, we propose the General Regression Neural Network (GRNN) based model for voice conversion. It is a single pass learning network that makes the training procedure fast and(More)
Identification of human based on iris has gained increased attention in recent years. The paper focuses on novel and efficient approach of partial iris based recognition of human using pupil circle region growing and binary integrated edge intensity curve which defeats the difficulties of eyelids occlusions. The experimental results are obtained on CASIA(More)
Voice Conversion is a technique which morphs the speaker dependent acoustical cues of the source speaker to those of the target speaker. Speaker dependent acoustical cues are characterized at different levels such as shape of vocal tract, glottal excitation and long term prosodic parameters. In this paper, low time and high time liftering is applied to the(More)
Considering the sparseness property of images, a sparse representation based iterative deblurring method is presented for single image deblurring under uniform and non-uniform motion blur. The approach taken is based on sparse and redundant representations over adaptively training dictionaries from single blurred-noisy image itself. Further, the K-SVD(More)
In a vehicle license plate identification system, locating the license plate in the image or video of a vehicle is an important step before final recognition. In the proposed method care has been taken up to extract license plate of motorcycle (size of plate is small and double row plate), car (single as well as double row type), transport vehicle such as(More)
In this paper an image fusion technique is developed to remove clouds from satellite images. The proposed method involves an auto associative neural network based PCAT (principal component transform) and SWT (stationary wavelet transform) to remove clouds recursively which integrates complementary information to form a composite image from multitemporal(More)