Suprava Patel

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OBJECTIVE Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), particularly MMP-2 and MMP-9, have been reported as putative tumor markers because of their involvement in cancer invasion and metastasis. The aim of our study was to elucidate the possible role of MMP-2 and -9 as serum prognostic biomarker for breast cancer classification and correlate it with the(More)
INTRODUCTION The increased prevalence of upper normal limit of TSH and raised anti-thyroperoxidase antibody titer indicate, relatively more frequent occurrence of compensated thyroid function in infertile women. This finding necessitates considering such cases for a thorough investigation of pituitary-thyroid axis. In addition, as some patients may exhibit(More)
The deleterious effect of free radicals on spermatozoa was assessed by estimating malondialdehyde and vitamins E and C in seminal plasma and their relation with different sperm parameters. Twenty-two fertile controls with 74 primary infertile males were analysed in the department of biochemistry, SCB Medical College, Cuttack. Seminal malondialdehyde level(More)
Immense potentiality of biosensors in medical diagnostics has driven scientists in evolution of biosensor technologies and innovating newer tools in time. The cornerstone of the popularity of biosensors in sensing wide range of biomolecules in medical diagnostics is due to their simplicity in operation, higher sensitivity, ability to perform multiplex(More)
Proficiency of laboratory services is the mainstay in clinical medicine in providing error free diagnostic results. The efficiency of the laboratory needs to be evaluated as per standard international criterion. The quality indicators of the different phases of total testing process are considered the fundamental measurable tool for evaluation of laboratory(More)
Background and Objectives: Chronic non-healing ulcer (CNHU) develops due to infections, trauma or underlying any medical and surgical conditions. Ulcer that have failed to response all available mode of treatment for long duration are more likely to develop gangrene and infection prone to limb amputation. This is a major public health problem. None of the(More)
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