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A lot of search approaches have been explored for the selection of features in pattern classification domain in order to discover significant subset of the features which produces better accuracy. In this paper, we introduced a Harmony Search (HS) algorithm based feature selection method for feature dimensionality reduction in handwritten Bangla word(More)
Embedded systems programming often involve choosing the worst case static memory allocation for most applications over a dynamic allocation approach. Such a design decision is rightly justified in terms of reliability, security and real time performance requirements from such low end systems. However with the introduction of public key cryptography and(More)
We seek multi-order exact solutions of a generalized shallow water wave equation along with those corresponding to a class of nonlinear systems described by the KdV, modified KdV, Boussinesq, Klein-Gordon and modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation. We employ a modified version of a generalized Lame equation and subject it to a perturbative treatment(More)
In today's world, we rely on the wireless radio technologies for a wide range of services. However, wireless spectrum that delivers these technologies is a limited commodity, hence efficient spectrum utilization is an issue that has been inviting a lot of interest and research in recent times. Spectrum sensing is a key step towards efficient spectrum usage.(More)
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