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Satellite image classification is a challenging problem that lies at the crossroads of remote sensing, computer vision, and machine learning. Due to the high variability inherent in satellite data, most of the current object classification approaches are not suitable for handling satellite datasets. The progress of satellite image analytics has also been(More)
We present OptEx, a closed-form model of job execution on Apache Spark, a popular parallel processing engine. To the best of our knowledge, OptEx is the first work that analytically models job completion time on Spark. The model can be used to estimate the completion time of a given Spark job on a cloud, with respect to the size of the input dataset, the(More)
We investigate the use of Deep Neural Networks for the classification of image datasets where texture features are important for generating class-conditional discriminative representations. To this end, we first derive the size of the feature space for some standard textural features extracted from the input dataset and then use the theory of(More)
In this paper, we present a formal framework for developing distributed service-oriented systems in an event-driven secure synchronous programming environment. More precisely, we present a synchronous programming language called SOL (Secure Operations Language) that has (i) capabilities for handling service invocations asynchronously, (ii) strong typing to(More)
We settle the complexity bounds of the model checking problem for the ambient calculus with public names against the ambient logic. We show that if either the calculus contains replication or the logic contains the guarantee operator, the problem is undecidable. In the case of the replication-free calculus and guarantee-free logic we prove that the problem(More)
Analysis of termination and other liveness properties of a program can be reduced to termination proof synthesis for simple loops, i.e., loops with only variable updates in the loop body. Among simple loops, the subset of linear simple loops (LSLs) is particularly interesting because it is common in practice and expressive in theory. Existing techniques can(More)
We settle the complexity bounds of the model-checking problem for the replication-free ambient calculus with public names against the ambient logic without parallel adjunct. We show that the problem is PSPACE-complete. For the complexity upper-bound, we devise a new representation of processes that remains of polynomial size during process execution; this(More)
Most problems in building and refining a system can be traced back to errors in requirements. Poorly organized requirements, most often in natural language are among the major causes of failures of software projects. In this paper, we present a requirements analysis tool called RETNA and the technology behind it. RETNA accepts natural language requirements,(More)