Supratik Bhattacharya

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— Today's mobile devices are already equipped with multiple wireless interfaces that differ in data rates, power consumption, monetary cost, and coverage areas. Previous research has shown that intelligent policy-based switching between wireless interfaces can obtain better performance than using a single interface [29]. We build upon this pioneering work(More)
Network Security has gained an ever increasing importance today because of the increased dependence on the networks. One way to assess the threats to the networks is through the use of the attack graphs. However, because of their sheer enormity and complexity the analysis becomes difficult. Given an attack graph the identification of a probable attack path(More)
In todaypsilas large complex organizational network, security administration is a challenging task. The typical means by which an attacker breaks into a network is through a series of exploits, where each exploit in the series satisfies the pre-condition for subsequent exploits and makes a causal relationship among them. Such a series of exploit is called(More)
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