Supradip Saha

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The research was carried out to ascertain the effect of three chloroacetanilide herbicides, alachlor, butachlor and pretilachlor on soil microbial biomass growth and activity. Laboratory experiments were performed in a silty clay loam soil to relate changes of soil enzymatic activity to the herbicide persistence under laboratory condition up to 42 days at(More)
Bioactive constituents of Eupatorium adenophorum were investigated for antifungal activity. A structure-antifungal activity relationship of cadinene sesquiterpenes was predicted by evaluating individual derivatives. Cadinene derivatives were extracted from leaves of Eupatorium adenophorum using ethyl acetate. Five cadinene sesquiterpenes were isolated by(More)
Damage to the lateral ligaments of the ankle, namely the anterior talofibular (ATFL) and the calcaneofibular (CFL) ligaments, is a frequently reported sports injury. The anterior drawer test is generally used to evaluate whether the ATFL has been torn, while the talar tilt test is used to determine if the CFL has been injured. Although these two manual(More)
Potential impact of different levels and sources of organic composts on activities of phosphatases (acid and alkaline phosphatase, phosphodiesterase, and inorganic pyrophosphatase) was studied after three years of continuous application. Enzyme activities were compared with microbial biomass P and available P. Experimental plots were divided based on the(More)
Development of vitamin A-rich cereals can help in alleviating the widespread problem of vitamin A deficiency. We report here significant enhancement of kernel β-carotene in elite maize genotypes through accelerated marker-assisted backcross breeding. A favourable allele (543 bp) of the β-carotene hydroxylase (crtRB1) gene was introgressed in the seven elite(More)
Crude extracts of water and solvent extractable tannin fractions from pine needles were found to contain tannin concentrations of 10.15% and 13.15% tannic acid equivalents respectively. Thin Layer Chromatography revealed the presence of four distinct phenolic compounds, amongst which two were tannic acid like compounds. Both the extracts were found to be(More)
The effect of supplementation of wheat straw (WS) with raw/detoxified mahua cake (MC) on yield and nutritional quality of Pleurotus sajor caju was studied. Raw cake significantly enhanced the yield compared to control and could be tolerated up to a 10% addition. Detoxification further improved the mushroom yield giving a maximum of 1024.7 g kg(-1) from WS(More)
Antifeeding and insect growth regulatory effects of saponins and its hydrolyzed products from Diploknema butyracea and Sapindus mukorossi on the insect pest Spodoptera litura (F.) were investigated in the laboratory. D. butyracea saponins as well as their hydrolyzed prosapogenins were found to be better biologically active in controlling pests. A(More)
BACKGROUND Triterpenic saponins from Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn. and Diploknema butyracea JF Gmelin were evaluated for in vitro antifungal activity against four phytopathogenic fungi. The study of the structure-antifungal activity relationships of protobassic acid saponins was widened by including semi-synthetic derivatives. RESULTS Diploknema butyracea(More)
Screening of natural biodiversity for the better quality traits are of prime importance for quality breeding programs. The objective of this investigation was to select candidate accession of bean having high concentrations of protein as well as macro and micro minerals with good cooking quality for use as parents in breeding programme for these compounds.(More)