Supradeep Narayana

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Utilizing a multilayered composite approach, we have designed and constructed a new class of artificial materials for thermal conduction. We show that an engineered material can be utilized to control the diffusive heat flow in ways inconceivable with naturally occurring materials. By shielding, concentrating, and inverting heat current, we experimentally(More)
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201104012 Isolation from external magnetic fields is a fundamental requirement that appears in various scientific experiments today. In particular, for applications where static or slowly varying magnetic fields need to be screened, enclosures made of superconductors or high magnetic permeability metal alloys are typically utilized. These(More)
We report a compact miniature high-resolution thermometer (CMHRT) based on dilute paramagnetic alloy of PdMn and commercially available Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets. The thermometer utilizes the temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility of the alloy in an applied magnetic field. The change in susceptibility is measured with a pickup coil connected to a(More)
Globally asynchronous and locally synchronous systems have been considered as a promising solution for the SOC to solve the problems of multiple clock distribution and multiple clock skew. The problem of regulated flow of data between the processing cores could be better addressed with local and global control mechanisms. In this paper an attempt to develop(More)
We report a direct observation of dynamical bifurcation between two plasma oscillation states of a superfluid Josephson junction. We excite the superfluid plasma resonance into a nonlinear regime by driving below the natural plasma frequency and observe a clear transition between two dynamical states. We also demonstrate bifurcation by changing the(More)
We report the observation of superfluid quantum interference in a compact, large-area matter-wave interferometer consisting of a multiple-turn interfering path in reciprocal geometry. Utilizing the Sagnac effect from Earth's rotation in conjunction with a phase shifter made of superfluid heat current, we demonstrate that such a scheme can be extended for(More)
We report a new kind of experiment in which we take an array of nanoscale apertures that form a superfluid (4)He Josephson junction and apply quantum phase gradients directly along the array. We observe collective coherent behaviors from aperture elements, leading to quantum interference. Connections to superconducting and Bose-Einstein condensate Josephson(More)
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