Supradeep Narayana

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Accessing relevant pages is the primary focus of the search techniques of Web 2. 0 whereas accessing relevant semantic associations is the main focus of search techniques of Web 3. 0 called the Semantic Web. Discovering relevant semantic associations is especially useful in many applications such as National Security, Business Intelligence, Pharmacy, and(More)
The primary focus of the search techniques in the first generation of the Web is accessing relevant documents from the Web. Though it satisfies user requirements, but it is insufficient as the user sometimes wishes to access actionable information involving complex relationships between two given entities. Finding such complex relationships (also known as(More)
The major focus of today's search engines is efficient retrieval of relevant documents from the web. Recently Semantic Web has received greater interest in industry and academia and retrieving relevant information over huge amounts of Semantic Meta data is becoming popular. In particular discovering and ranking complex relationships between two entities(More)
Globally asynchronous and locally synchronous systems have been considered as a promising solution for the SOC to solve the problems of multiple clock distribution and multiple clock skew. The problem of regulated flow of data between the processing cores could be better addressed with local and global control mechanisms. In this paper an attempt to develop(More)
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