Supharat Jariyakosol

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PURPOSE To evaluate the incidence and severity pattern of dry eye after phacoemulsification. SETTING King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. DESIGN Prospective descriptive study. METHODS Samples were collected from ninety-two uncomplicated cataract patients who were 18 years old or older. Dry eye incidence and pattern were analyzed at(More)
Objective: To study ocular manifestations in patients who were on long-term use of chlorpromazine. Methods: A retrospective observational case study was made. Three patients, who were diagnosed as Schizophrenia and on long-term use of chlorpromazine for more than 20 years, were examined retrospectively. The examinations included clinical history, physical(More)
Brain tumors are the leading cause of death from childhood cancer. Overall survival has improved due to earlier detection, better therapies, and improved posttreatment surveillance. Permanent sequelae of the tumor and its treatment may cause severe impairment and decreased quality of life (QoL). Pediatric primary brain tumor patients' vision can be severely(More)
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