Suphakit Awiphan

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Most network applications nowadays are related to the distribution of contents from a source to a number of users. Several developments such as CDN and P2P networking have been used to provide access to contents at the network edges. However, they have no ability to leverage caching at the network level and still rely on a host-based communication model.(More)
The growing popularity of mobile data communication has been leading a growing lack of radio resource on a cellular network. Therefore, to avoid the data traffic from exceeding the capacity limit of a cellular base station (BS), cellular operators have been trying to install cellular femto cells (local BSs) or wireless LAN access points (APs) in(More)
In this paper, we introduce a hybrid approach for overlay construction and data delivery in an application-layer multicast. We combine the strong points of a tree-based structure and a mesh-based data delivery to form ToMo, a twolayer hybrid overlay. We try to reduce the number of replicated packets at a source, and reduce an effect when slow connection(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new mesh-based approach for data delivery which is organized over multiple tree-shaped core routes. Given that both tree and mesh approaches have their own strong points, we simply combine them together. We evaluate the proposal through ns-2 simulator. The simulation results demonstrate that our approach can provide higher(More)
Content Centric Networking (CCN) has been emerged as a new networking paradigm. In CCN, adaptive video streaming is one of the most promising technologies. However, rate adaptation and outbound face selection are the primary concern since a node cannot reliably estimate the end-to-end throughput. In this paper, we propose a strategy for outbound face(More)
The hybrid Application Layer Multicast (ALM) has been shown its efficiency by leveraging the conventionally main structures of application layer multicast, tree-based and meshbased. However, how to select the proper node to construct the overlay and how to establish the connection between any two nodes are still unsolved. Therefore, this paper is to design(More)
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