Supasit Kajkamhaeng

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We present a proof-of-concept prototype for high performance spreadsheet simulation called S3. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, yet computationally powerful simulation environment for end users. Our approach is to add power of parallel computing on Windows-based desktop grid into popular Excel models. We show that, by using standard Web Services and(More)
FPGAs provide reconfigurability and high performance for parallel applications. Modern FPGAs can be integrated in computing systems as accelerators so that they can combine with host CPU to execute offload applications. This integration puts more pressure on the fault tolerance of computing systems and the question how to improve the dependability becomes(More)
An accident is an unexpected and unplanned situation that happens and affects human in a negative outcome. The accident can cause an injury to a human biological organism. Thus, the provision of initial care for an illness or injury is very important move to prepare the patients/victims before sending to the doctor. In this paper, a First Aid Application is(More)
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