Supaporn Niyomchon

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A serendipitously discovered palladium-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation reaction with diorganozinc reagents, which displays broad functional group compatibility, is reported. This novel transformation hinges on a remarkable ligand effect which overrides the standard "umpolung" reactivity of allyl-palladium intermediates in the presence of(More)
The rich chemistry of cyclobutanes is underpinned by a large body of synthetic literature devoted to their synthesis and decoration. This is motivated by the widespread representation of cyclobutane moieties in biologically active natural products and man-made molecules. Surprisingly, this vast array of knowledge finds no parallel in the chemistry of(More)
Nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic cores are ubiquitous building blocks in organic chemistry. Herein, we present a family of metal-free intermolecular formal cycloaddition reactions that enable highly selective and orthogonal access to isoquinolines and pyrimidines at will. Applications of the products are complemented by a density functional theory(More)
The carbon-carbon double bond, with its diverse and multifaceted reactivity, occupies a prominent position in organic synthesis. Although a variety of simple alkenes are readily available, the mild and chemoselective introduction of a unit of unsaturation into a functionalized organic molecule remains an ongoing area of research, and the olefination of(More)
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