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For the feature extraction of motor imaginary EEG (electroencephalography) in the study of brain-computer interface(BCI), a method of extracting EEG features based on wavelet package combined with ICA (Independent component analysis) was adopted to extract the signals produced by imaginary movement, event related desynchronization or event related(More)
A robust control method based on equivalent control of Variable Structure Control (VSC) with feedforward compensator for robotic manipulators subject to load uncertainties is presented. The feedforward compensator is used to improve tracking precision, and the feed-sequence compensator with the Proportional Integral (PI) regulator to the sliding-mode(More)
In this paper, a mobile robot obstacle avoidance system based on information fusion of infrared sensor and binocular vision sensors is proposed. The complete distance information between the robot and obstacles, which is obtained from the infrared sensors and the binocular sensor can real-time help the robot perceiving its location relative to all kinds of(More)
An adaptive sliding mode control (SMC) method based on equivalent control in the SMC and regressor formulation of robot dynamics is presented for the trajectory tracking control of robot manipulators with parameter uncertainties and non-parameter uncertainties. The smoothing control law is adopted to eliminate the chattering in the conventional VSC. The(More)
—Estimation of single-trial event related potentials (ERPs) based on independent component analysis (ICA) is investigated in this paper. The performances of four ICA algorithms (AMUSE, SOBI, Infomax, and JADE) are assessed by separating the ERPs from semi-simulated EEG datasets, in order to determine the optimal method. Infomax and JADE performs(More)
In this paper, a fuzzy planner is designed, which is combined with motion controllers to control three-wheel mobile robot with infrared sensors to avoid obstacles in unknown environment. The fuzzy planner processes data from infrared sensors to get the navigation angle in which the robot should be necessarily driven to avoid obstacles. The navigation angle(More)
In this paper, by using the concept of hybrid time for Hybrid dynamical systems(HDS), we consider the problem of input-to-state stability(ISS) for a class of nonlinear HDS with interval time-varying delay and external inputs. Some sufficient conditions are presented aiming to derive the ISS and exponential ISS properties of the whole hybrid systems for the(More)
Error model is the basis for accuracy-related computations and analyses for parallel manipulator. In this paper, one novel 6-DOF Parallel manipulator is proposed and its errors model is obtained by setting up the relation of pose errors and structural parameters based on the closed-vectors differential method. Errors sensitivity index are defined by using(More)
A B-spline neural-network-based variable structure controller (VSC) for a class of nonlinear systems with parameter uncertainties is presented. The neural networks compensator is used to compensate the uncertainties in the systems. The tracking performance and stability is guaranteed by the VSC controller. The asymptotical stability of overall systems is(More)