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BACKGROUND The uncertainty over the true morphological changes in brains with major depressive disorder (MDD) underlines the necessity of comprehensive studies with multimodal structural brain imaging analyses. This study aimed to evaluate the differences in cortical thickness, cortical and subcortical volume, and white matter integrity between first(More)
BACKGROUND DNA methylation in the promoter region of the glucocorticoid receptor gene (NR3C1) is closely associated with childhood adversity and suicide. However, few studies have examined NR3C1 methylation in relation to major depressive disorder (MDD) and hippocampal subfield volumes. We investigated the possible association between NR3C1 methylation and(More)
Considerable evidence suggests a crucial role for the epigenetic regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder (MDD). However, the relationship between BDNF DNA methylation and white matter (WM) integrity in MDD has not yet been investigated. In the current study, we examined the association(More)
Cortico-limbic network dysfunction and genetic polymorphism are considered to be associated with major depressive disorder (MDD). Using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), we investigated the relationship between catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene polymorphisms and white matter tract integrity in patients with MDD. Eighty-six patients with MDD and 62(More)
It has been reported that the immune response due to alpha-Gal epitopes is an important factor in tissue valve failure. The elimination of the interaction between the natural anti-Gal antibodies and alpha-gal epitopes on the xenografts is a prerequisite to the success of xenografts in humans. Previously, we reported that the green coffee bean(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine whether orthodontic treatment experience affects the individual's perception of smile esthetics and to evaluate differences among orthodontically treated laypersons, non-treated laypersons, and dentists by using computerized image alterations. METHODS A photograph of a woman's smile was digitally altered(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate myocardial function in patients with non-hypertensive metabolic syndrome. METHODS We selected metabolic syndrome patients (n = 42) without evidence of hypertension and compared them to age-matched control individuals (n = 20). All patients were evaluated by two-dimensional and tissue Doppler(More)
The patient-specific pre- and postsurgery cerebral arterial geometries in the study were reconstructed from computed tomography angiography (CTA). Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics models were used to investigate the hemodynamic phenomena in the cerebral arteries before and after surgery of the aneurysm under realistic conditions. CFD(More)
We investigated the interactive effects of BclI C/G (rs41423247) allelic variants and the diagnosis of major depressive disorder (MDD) on hippocampal shape and integrity of the left parahippocampal subdivision of the cingulum. Fifty-two patients with MDD and 52 healthy controls (HCs) underwent T1-weighted structural magnetic resonance imaging and BclI C/G(More)