Sunsanee McDonnell

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We use integral field spectroscopy with the Gemini North Telescope to detect probable fluorescent Lyα emission from gas lying close to the luminous QSO PSS 2155+1358 at redshift 4.28. The emission is most likely coming not from primordial gas, but from a multi-phase, chemically enriched cloud of gas lying about 50 kpc from the QSO. It appears to be(More)
Sea lamprey, a basal vertebrate, contains a progesterone receptor [PR]. An unusual property of lamprey is that gonadotropin-releasing hormone induces synthesis of 15α-hydroxy-progesterone [15α-OH-P] instead of progesterone. There also is indirect evidence for 7α-OH-P in lamprey serum. To determine if there is a structural basis for the binding of 7α-OH-P(More)
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