Sunny Nigam

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The performance of complex networks, like the brain, depends on how effectively their elements communicate. Despite the importance of communication, it is virtually unknown how information is transferred in local cortical networks, consisting of hundreds of closely spaced neurons. To address this, it is important to record simultaneously from hundreds of(More)
Recent work has shown that functional connectivity among cortical neurons is highly varied, with a small percentage of neurons having many more connections than others. Also, recent theoretical developments now make it possible to quantify how neurons modify information from the connections they receive. Therefore, it is now possible to investigate how(More)
Structural and functional connectivity of macroscopic brain regions has been very widely researched [1] in the last decade, however very little work has been done on the effective connectivity between individual neurons, largely because of limitations on the simultaneous measurement of large numbers of neurons at high spatiotemporal resolution. We recorded(More)
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