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A new species of the genus Newnhamia, N. dumonti n.sp., is described from Kerala, India. Newnhamia was thus far only known from Australia and adjacent islands, as it is here argued that the two species reported from South America probably belong to a different genus. The present new record is therefore the most easterly thus far known. The type specimens of(More)
Pleural effusion is a common problem dealt by most of the practicing clinicians. Some causes for pleural effusion are less often considered as a differential diagnosis owing to its rarity. Here we report a case of renal amyloidosis on alternate day haemodialysis for about two months time presenting with left sided pleural effusion. On evaluation this turned(More)
Parastenocypris goddeerisi n.sp. and P. achandii n.sp. are described from temporary habitats in Kerala, southern India. The morphology of both males and females is illustrated and the new species are compared to the known representatives of the genus. Stenocypris fernandoi Neale, described from Sri Lanka, is here referred to Parastenocypris.
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