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Facile one-pot synthesis of uniform TiO2-Ag hybrid hollow spheres with enhanced photocatalytic activity.
TiO(2)-Ag hybrid hollow spheres (about 700 nm in diameter) with a highly uniform morphology and good structural stability were facilely prepared via a one-pot hydrothermal method, using carbonExpand
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A new nanoporous nitrogen-doped highly-efficient carbonaceous CO2 sorbent synthesized with inexpensive urea and petroleum coke
Abstract The objective of this research is to develop a cost-effective carbonaceous CO2 sorbent. Highly nanoporous N-doped carbons were synthesized by KOH activation of urea-modified petroleum coke.Expand
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Nitrogen-doped porous carbon spheres derived from D-glucose as highly-efficient CO2 sorbents
Carbon spheres were synthesized from D-glucose under hydrothermal conditions. Highly porous N-doped carbon was obtained after the as-synthesized carbon spheres were subjected to urea modification andExpand
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Facile preparation of 2D sandwich-like CdS nanoparticles/nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide hybrid nanosheets with enhanced photoelectrochemical properties
A facile surface-layer-absorption strategy was successfully integrated via a simple in situ sulfidation reaction route for the deposition of CdS nanoparticles on N-doped reduce graphene oxide (N-rGO)Expand
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Solution synthesis and novel magnetic properties of ball-chain iron nanofibers
The current work describes the simple solution process of ball-chain polycrystalline Fe nanofibers with aspect ratios ( λ ) and diameters ( D ) of over 1−65 and 30−95 nm. Static magnetic andExpand
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A fluorescent sensor for the detection of multi-molecule species based on redox reaction
Abstract Here we demonstrate a novel fluorescent sensor for multi-molecule detection based on the selectivity quenching of Fe 3+ and polymer nanodots (PNDs). The oxygenants such as hydrogen peroxideExpand
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Additive-free macroscopic-scale synthesis of coral-like nickel cobalt oxides with hierarchical pores and their electrocatalytic properties for methanol oxidation
Coral-like nickel cobalt oxides with hierarchical pores were massively synthesized via a one-pot additive-free solvent thermal decomposition route coupled with a post calcination treatment. TheExpand
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