Sunkyung Kim

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The Pogo mouse is an autosomal recessive ataxic mutant that arose spontaneously in the inbred KJR/MsKist strain derived originally from Korean wild mice. The ataxic phenotype is characterized by difficulty in maintaining posture and side to side stability, faulty coordination between limbs and trunk, and the consequent inability to walk straight. In the(More)
Large-Scale network such as the Internet consist of a large number of sub-networks. Since each sub-network has management privileges and policies individually, it is difficult to respond to harmful traffic such as warm viruses that affect entire networks. In this paper, we propose a high-level policy language and a middle-level data structure. They were(More)
Subwavelength diameter semiconductor nanowires can support optical resonances with anomalously large absorption cross sections, and thus tailoring these resonances to specific frequencies could enable a number of nanophotonic applications. Here, we report the design and synthesis of core/shell p-type/intrinsic/n-type (p/i/n) Si nanowires (NWs) with(More)
Over the past decade extensive studies of single semiconductor nanowire and nanowire array photovoltaic devices have explored the potential of these materials as platforms for a new generation of efficient and cost-effective solar cells. This feature review discusses strategies for implementation of semiconductor nanowires in solar energy applications,(More)
This population-based study examines the association between corticosteroid treatment and time to loss of ambulation, stratifying by treatment duration (short: 0.25-3 years, long: >3 years), among 477 Duchenne muscular dystrophy cases identified by the Muscular Dystrophy Surveillance Tracking and Research Network (MDSTARnet). Those cases who received(More)
BACKGROUND In South Korea, a cluster of acute lung disease patients included lung injury disease suspected of being caused by the use of humidifier disinfectants. We examined the relationship between humidifier disinfectant exposure and clinically diagnosed humidifier disinfectant-associated lung injury (HDLI) in a family-based study. METHODS This(More)
In statistical data analysis, penalized regression is considered an attractive approach for its ability of simultaneous variable selection and parameter estimation. Although penalized regression methods have shown many advantages in variable selection and outcome prediction over other approaches for high-dimensional data, there is a relative paucity of the(More)
Integration of compound semiconductors with silicon (Si) has been a long-standing goal for the semiconductor industry, as direct band gap compound semiconductors offer, for example, attractive photonic properties not possible with Si devices. However, mismatches in lattice constant, thermal expansion coefficient, and polarity between Si and compound(More)
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