Sunkyoung Oh

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Eight Beagle dogs were anesthetized and were imaged using a single channel helical CT scanner. The contrast medium used in this study was iohexol (300 mg I/ml) and doses were 0.5 ml/kg for a cine scan, 3 ml/kg for an enhanced scan. The flow rate for contrast material administration was 2 ml/sec for all scans. This study was divided into three steps, with(More)
This study was performed to characterize pulmonary embolism with computed tomography pulmonary angiography in experimental pulmonary embolism and heartworm infected dogs. In the experimental group, there were pulmonary changes after pulmonary embolism induction as follows: hypoattenuating round filling defects in pulmonary arteries, arterial dilations with(More)
Spectral waveform analysis of blood flow velocity in the major arteries of six healthy, conscious immature micropigs was determined using Doppler ultrasonography. Doppler spectral tracings were recorded from the external iliac artery, femoral artery, and renal arcuate artery. Tracings were also taken from three parts of the common carotid artery and two(More)
This report explains typical radiographic features of Scottish Fold osteochondrodysplasia. Three Scottish Fold cats suffering from lameness were referred to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Seoul National University, Korea. Based on the breed predisposition, history, clinical signs, physical examination, and radiographic findings, Scottish Fold(More)
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