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The integrated production, inventory and distribution routing problem (PDRP) is concerned with coordinating the production, inventory and delivery operations to meet customer demand with an objective to minimize the cost. The particular PDRP that we consider in this study also involves heterogeneous transporters with non-instantaneous traveling times and(More)
For a dynamic, evolving multiagent auction, we have developed an adaptive agent bidding strategy (called the p-strategy) based on stochastic modeling. The p-strategy takes into account the dynamics and resulting uncertainties of the auction process using stochastic modeling, and avoids the shortcomings of stochastic modeling by adaptively deciding when to(More)
The University of Michigan Digital Library (UMDL) is designed as an open system that allows third parties to build and integrate their own profit-seeking agents into the marketplace of information goods and services. The profit-seeking behavior of agents, however, risks inefficient allocation of goods and services, as agents take strategic stances that(More)
In a blog network, there are special users who induce other users to actively utilize blog services. In this paper, these users whose contents exhibit large influence over other users are defined as <i>Content Power Users</i> (CPUs). Accurately determining who content power users are in a blog network is important in order to establish an effective business(More)
Combinatorial auctions are desirable as they enable bidders to express the synergistic values of a group of assets and thus may lead to better allocations. Compared to other types of auctions, they keep bidders from being exposed to risks (of receiving only parts of combinations that would be valuable to them) or from being overly cautious (in order to(More)
In the blog network, the posts in a blog can be diffused to other blogs through trackbacks and scraps. Analyzing information diffusion in the blog network is an important research issue that can be used for predicting information diffusion, detecting abnormality, marketing, and revitalizing the blog world. Existing studies on information diffusion in a blog(More)
PURPOSE To describe a step-by-step methodology to establish a reproducible staining protocol for the evaluation of human corneal endothelial cells. METHODS Four procedures were performed to determine the best protocol. (1) To determine the optimal trypan blue staining method, goat corneas were stained with 4 dilutions of trypan blue (0.4%, 0.2%, 0.1%, and(More)
Color descriptors are one of the important features used in content-based image retrieval. The dominant color descriptor (DCD) represents a few perceptually dominant colors in an image through color quantization. For image retrieval based on DCD, the earth mover's distance and the optimal color composition distance are proposed to measure the dissimilarity(More)