Sunjai Gupta

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OBJECTIVE Meta-analyses of behavior change (BC) interventions typically find large heterogeneity in effectiveness and small effects. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of active BC interventions designed to promote physical activity and healthy eating and investigate whether theoretically specified BC techniques improve outcome. DESIGN(More)
Public policy requires public support, which in turn implies a need to enable the public not just to understand policy but also to be engaged in its development. Where complex science and technology issues are involved in policy making, this takes time, so it is important to identify emerging issues of this type and prepare engagement plans. In our horizon(More)
BACKGROUND Depression and bipolar illness are associated with a 2-3 fold increase in the prevalence of diabetes. However, it is unknown whether variation in mood affects glucose metabolism. The aim of this study was to assess whether changes in affect were related to fasting plasma glucose and glycated haemoglobin. METHODS 379 men and 441 women who took(More)
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