Sunitha Daniel

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This paper is a preliminary report of a longitudinal study of VVF patients seen at the specialist hospital Sokoto, Nigeria. Thirty-one (31) patients admitted into the VVF ward during the period, May 1996 to April 1997 were studied. The patients were mainly Hausa/Fulani Muslims (100%), short-statured (mean height, 149 cm), full-time house wives (100%) and(More)
OBJECTIVE For patients with advanced cancer, several randomised controlled trials have shown that access to palliative care at least 6 months before death can improve symptoms, reduce unplanned hospital admissions, minimise aggressive cancer treatments and enable patients to make choices about their end-of-life care, including exercising the choice to die(More)
Dry mouth (xerostomia) is one of the commonest symptoms in cancer patients and can adversely affect quality of life. The aim of this review was to determine the effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in treating xerostomia in adult advanced cancer patients. The literature search was performed in February 2014 using databases(More)
In Lagos 12 755 schoolchildren aged between six and 12 years were screened for evidence of rheumatic heart disease and showed a prevalence rate of 0.03%. Group C (27.7%) and group G (47.3%) predominated in the throat and in cases of pharyngitis, while group A predominated on the skin. Two hundred and sixty-six cases of pharyngitis were recorded, 70 (26.4%)(More)
A study of 183 beggars and destitutes in Lagos is presented. Their mean age was 36.3 years; and there was a preponderance of male over female. Majority of the beggars were Hausa and their religion was Muslim. Seventy-three (51.8%) of the beggars and destitutes attended Arabic (Koranic) schools only while 53 (37.6%) had no schooling at all. There was a(More)
A retrospective study was carried out to obtain epidemiological data concerning the relative risk of Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni and Vibrio cholerae infection in several rural population groups. Faecal samples (rectal swab specimens) were cultured from 914 selected children with acute diarrhoeal disease and from a matched control group of 984(More)
This paper attempts to classify the destitutes (beggars) in Lagos by their physical handicaps (deformities) in order to provide necessary baseline data in planning for their effective rehabilitation. The study was carried out on 183 destitutes in Gbagada camp in Lagos. 121 (66.1%) destitutes had physical handicaps. The limbs were the most frequently(More)
Indian Journal of Palliative Care ¦ Volume 23 ¦ Issue 2 ¦ April-June 2017<lb>122<lb>Introduction: Death is inevitable but the manner in which a person<lb>dies is fundamental to the person concerned and their nearest and<lb>dearest. The effects of poor care leading to death are distressing for<lb>patients and also have long term effects for those closest to(More)