Sunita Virmani

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In a recent paper, Walgate et. al. [1] demonstrated that any two orthogonal multi-partite pure states can be optimally distinguished using only local operations. We utilise their result to show that this is true for any two multiparty pure states, in the sense of inconclusive discrimination. There are also certain regimes of conclusive discrimination for(More)
We show that entanglement guarantees difficulty in the discrimination of orthogonal multipartite states locally. The number of pure states that can be discriminated by local operations and classical communication is bounded by the total dimension over the average entanglement. A similar, general condition is also shown for pure and mixed states. These(More)
Crop simulation models are valuable research tools in agricultural decision making. In order to increase its general applicability, models need to be evaluated in diverse conditions. To achieve this, CROPGRO-Soybean model was evaluated on Vertic Inceptisols in a climatically variable semi-arid tropical condition. The model predicted reasonably the temporal(More)
  • Jia Zhi, Gang, +15 authors Serdar Kurat
  • 2017
Addressing to high speed and low memory requirements the wavelet domain had made easier compression using SPIHT Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) is quad tree structure. The proposed work intends to achieve higher rate in image compression. SPIHT works on Discrete Wavelet Transform, image is coded efficiently with few bits and originality of the(More)
In most studies of quantum channels, it is assumed that the errors in each use of the channel are independent. However, recent investigations of the effect of memory or correlations in error have led to speculation that nonanalytic behavior may occur in the capacity. Motivated by these observations, we connect the study of channels with correlated error to(More)
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