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Photosystem 1 and 2 and antioxidant enzyme activities were determined in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Sonalika) leaves. Seedlings from both control seeds and seeds soaked in solutions like dithiothreitol, thioglycollic acid and thiourea were subjected to water stress induced by polyethylene glycol. Photosystem 1 and 2 activities were less inhibited by(More)
Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L. cv. HHB-67) seeds were pre-soaked in sulphydryl compounds (dithiothreitol, thioglycollic acid, thiourea, and cysteine). In plants at 59 and 67 d after sowing (DAS), activities of photosystem (PS) 2 (ferricyanide site) and PS1, both chloroplastic and total superoxide dismutase, glutathione reductase, and(More)
The effect of foliar spray of different chemicals on the sorghum cultivar KH-333 in four type nutrient medium viz; normal pH, high pH, high bicarbonate (10 mM) and, high pH (8.0) &high bicarbonate (10 mM) on biochemical parameters and the recovery of iron chlorosis in fodder sorghum was examined. The effect of iron chlorosis and sulphydryl compounds on the(More)
In this paper a coaxial fed microstrip rectangular patch antenna resonating at 2.45 GHz having a return loss of −23.05 db is proposed. Then a U-slot is etched into the patch to make it into dual band antenna. The U slot antenna resonates in the frequency band of 2–3 GHz having a return of −11.87 dB and −8.12 dB at 2.70 GHz and(More)
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