Sunita Jindal

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Abnormal fusion of the mullerian ducts or failure of absorption of the septum causes varying degrees of congenital uterine malformation. Twin gestation in a case of bicornuate uterus is extremely rare. We are reporting this case because of its extremely rare presentation, where twins have managed to reach term after spontaneous conception. A 28-year-old(More)
Herein, we report cloning and analysis of promoters of GLABRA2 (AaGL2) homolog and a MIXTA-Like (AaMIXTA-Like1) gene from Artemisia annua. The upstream regulatory regions of AaGL2 and AaMIXTA-Like1 showed the presence of several crucial cis-acting elements. Arabidopsis and A. annua seedlings were transiently transfected with the promoter-GUS constructs(More)
Biosynthesis of sterols is a multistep process in higher plants where the precursor cycloartenol gets converted into functional phytosterols after removal of two methyl groups at C-4 by an enzyme complex involving a sterol C-4 methyl oxidase (SMO). We identified and cloned a cDNA from Artemisia annua designated as AaSMO1 showing similarity to SMO. The cDNA(More)
This case highlights the importance of careful evaluation of girls presenting with imperforate hymen as this is accompanied by other female reproductive tract anomalies. It is of utmost importance that a correct timely diagnosis is made so that the right treatment can be chosen with the perspective of future fertility. Cervical dysgenesis associated with(More)
Case Presentation. Mrs. X, 35 years old, case of primary infertility, was diagnosed to have genital tuberculosis on the basis of PCR positive and hysterolaparoscopy findings and received category I ATT for 6 months. Following ATT completion, her USG revealed no evidence of tuboovarian mass or hydrosalpinx. Since her tubes were patent, she underwent 3 cycles(More)
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