Sunita Dutta

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Although Ca2+ overloading has been observed in hepatocytes and in the isolated liver treated with 0.2 mM menadione, it has not been determined if menadione has similar effects on cardiac tissue and, if so, whether Ca2+ overloading leads to cardiac contracture, and if such an event results from plasma membrane peroxidation initiated by oxidative stress. The(More)
Cardiac glycosides like digitoxin and digoxin with three digitoxoside sugar residues have been reported to undergo step-wise degradation to yield the corresponding genins, and the importance of the digitoxoside side-chain for the pharmacodynamic property of cardiac glycosides has also been suggested. A systematic study was therefore undertaken on the(More)
Wistar-Kyoto rats fed a diet containing 30% by weight galactose for 15–21 months developed significant thickening of the endothelial basement membranes of capillaries from the frontal cortex of the cerebrum, by comparison with cerebral capillary basement membranes from animals on a standard diet (p<0.001), or animals receiving a diet containing 30%(More)
In order to determine if there is a relationship between Na+, K+-ATPase inhibition and cardiac glycoside-induced arrhythmia, the time course of the onset and offset of the arrhythmia induced by the semi-synthetic glycoside, actodigin, and the enzyme activity during arrhythmia and following reversion to normal sinus rhythm was studied in the intact,(More)
Measurements of effects of age-related changes on loose connective tissue protein concentrations and water are lacking. Tissue hydration is an important determinant of tissue protein diffusion coefficients and hydraulic conductivity. Sprague-Dawley rats (ages 11, 30, 57, and 89 wk) were anesthetized. Blood and mesenteric tissue samples were taken. Tissue(More)
Animal preparations for microscopy often require a superfusate solution to cover surgically exposed tissue. There are few, if any, data concerning the effects of this solution on extravascular protein concentration and hydration. The effect of superfusion on mesenteric tissue in anesthetized male Sprague-Dawley rats was studied. Tissue samples were taken(More)