Sunita Dhavale

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BACKGROUND A resurgence of interest has led to renewed attempts to clarify the concept and treatment of catatonia. METHOD A large prospective study was conducted to estimate the incidence of catatonic syndrome in 138 consecutive psychiatric patients admitted to a general hospital in India, to demarcate the common symptom presentations and its response to(More)
Smartphones today are ubiquitous source of sensitive information. Information leakage instances on the smartphones are on the rise because of exponential growth in smartphone market. Android is the most widely used operating system on smartphones. Many information flow tracking and information leakage detection techniques are developed on Android operating(More)
Digital communication has seen exponential growth in the past decade. Consequently, the security of digital data has become a field of extensive research since piracy and unauthorized use of such data is prevalent because of the ease with which data can be replicated or tampered. Visual Cryptography (VC) is a special cryptographic technique where decryption(More)
In recent times, the ease in availability and usability of digital video editing tools has become a major challenge to video forensic experts, to accurately authenticate any suspected digital video content. Besides, the wide range and rapid advancement in the field of such editing tools and improvements in anti-forensic techniques has enabled any(More)
Militaries all over the world have always used the best of the latest technologies to win wars. Recently developed Cloud computing technology can also act as a force multiplier for military organisations due to its merits of economy, flexibility, expansibility and reliability. The critical concern of storing, maintaining and securing mission critical video(More)
Security and privacy of Smartphone data are critical requirements in case of both personal as well as corporate environment. Hence, there is a need to come up with an effective solution in order to address data leakage issues in smartphones. Generally, taint analysis techniques are used for information flow tracking and data leakage detection purpose.(More)
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