Sunita Bansal

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We present a new enhanced version for Adaptive Stable Sender-Symmetric Algorithm which efficiently allocates jobs in the network and possesses multiple job transfer capabilities. Till now, all the algorithms schedule only one job at a time to other nodes in a distributed system. We here present a mechanism that is able to schedule multiple jobs coming to a(More)
The growth and survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 during manufacture and storage of Indian cheese or paneer was investigated. Pasteurized and raw milk that had been inoculated with 10(4) CFU/mL of E. coli O157:H7 cultures were used for manufacturing paneer samples which were vacuum-packaged and stored at 4 degrees C, 8 degrees C, and 28 degrees C.(More)
Over the years, grid computing has emerged as one of the most viable and scalable alternatives to high performance supercomputing, tapping into computing power of the order of Gigaflops. However, the inherent dynamicity in grid computing has made it extremely difficult to come up with near-optimal solutions to efficiently schedule tasks in grids. The(More)
This paper presents a new multi objective algorithm to determine optimal configurations of multi-state, multi-task production systems based on availability analysis. A multitask production system is one in which different subsets of machines can be used to perform distinct functions or tasks. The performance of a manufacturing system is greatly influenced(More)
Distributed task scheduling in a heterogeneous computing environment is one of the most challenging problems. The optimally mapping of independent tasks onto heterogeneous distributed computing systems is known to be NP-complete. The most common objective function of a distributed task scheduling problem is to reduce the make span and increase the load(More)
With the emergence of distributed systems, the problem of task scheduling has been arousing attention in recent past. Task scheduling is a NP-complete problem and it is more complicated under the distributed heterogeneous computing environment. To harness the potential of these systems, efficient scheduling algorithms are needed. This paper proposes a new(More)
There is many software development methodologies exist that is used to control the process of developing a software system. No exact system was found which could help the software engineers for selection of best software development methodology. This paper present the framework of expert system combined with Likert scale. With the help of Likert scale we(More)
Scheduling is an important issue in computational grid. In computational grid, computing resources are connected through networks. So, if we want to take advantage of computational grid, an efficient scheduling algorithm is necessary to assign jobs to the appropriate nodes. Our adaptive load sharing algorithms uses a timer to find a receiver/ sender. If(More)