Sunit Chauhan

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Most modal parameter estimation techniques utilize Stabilization/Consistency Diagram as a tool for distinguishing between physical system modes and mathematical modes. However, this process results in giving several estimates of the same mode and the task of choosing one estimate over others is left to the user. This task is highly judgmental, with user(More)
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) / Blind Source Separation (BSS) is an emerging research area in the field of signal processing. The goal of ICA / BSS techniques is to identify statistically independent and non-Gaussian sources from a linear mixture of such sources. It also extracts the unknown mixture matrix in the process. The purpose of this paper is(More)
Security is an important concern for today's generation, where keystroke-scan had come out as a milestone. In this paper, a comparison approach is presented for user authentication using keystroke dynamics. Here we have shown the effect of Dimensionality Reduction techniques on the performance and the misclassification rate is between 9.17% and 9.53%. It(More)
The Complex Mode Indicator Function (or CMIF) is a popular spatial domain modal parameter estimation technique that utilizes the singular value decomposition of the frequency response function matrix for estimating the modal parameters of the system. Due to several advantages like identification of closely spaced modes, this technique is extremely popular(More)
It has been observed that even though modal frequencies are well estimated using Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) techniques, damping estimation is not as accurate. The opinions on this aspect of OMA have been widely varying and no consensus or definite answers are available. In this paper the OMA procedure, data processing and modal parameter estimation,(More)
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