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Tracing the origin of a cryptic invader: phylogeography of the Euwallacea fornicatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) species complex
The ambrosia beetle morphologically identified as Euwallacea fornicatus consists of several cryptic species that exhibit large differences in the DNA sequences of several nuclear and mitochondrialExpand
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An annotated checklist of Platypodinae and Scolytinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Iran.
We provide an annotated checklist of species of bark and ambrosia beetles (Curculionidae: Platypodinae and Scolytinae) recorded from Iran, with information on distribution, host trees, biology andExpand
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Discoloration induced by Raffaelea quercivora isolates in Quercus serrata logs and its relation to phylogeny: a comparison among isolates with and without the Japanese oak wilt incidence including
Japanese oak wilt (JOW) has been prevalent in Japan since the late 1980s. Infections of the fungus, Raffaelea quercivora Kubono et Shin. Ito, which is transmitted by an ambrosia beetle [PlatypusExpand
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Comparison of Sapwood Discoloration in Fagaceae Trees After Inoculation with Isolates of Raffaelea quercivora, Cause of Mass Mortality of Japanese Oak Trees.
The mass mortality of oak trees has been prevalent in Japan since the late 1980s. The fungus Raffaelea quercivora is transmitted by an ambrosia beetle, Platypus quercivorus, which causes mortality.Expand
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Guild structure of ambrosia beetles attacking a deciduous oak tree Quercus serrata in relation to wood oldness and seasonality in three locations in the Central Japan
In order to determine factors influencing ambrosia beetle guilds on Quercus serrata, we investigated ambrosia beetles guilds by using Q. serrata bait logs in three locations in the Central Japan.Expand
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Influence of seasonality and climate on captures of wood-boring Coleoptera (Bostrichidae and Curculionidae (Scolytinae and Platypodinae)) using ethanol-baited traps in a seasonal tropical forest of
ABSTRACT Insects in the tropics usually have continuous generations throughout the year. We reanalyzed published data of wood-boring beetles, belonging to three taxonomic groups (Bostrichidae;Expand
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A new species of Lobesia Guenée, 1845 from Thailand (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Oletheutinae).
Lobesia bisacca Charoensub and Pinkaew, n.sp., is described from Thailand. Specimens were collected in light traps in Trat Province, eastern Thailand and were deposited in the Kasetsart KamphaengsaenExpand
Parasitism of Soldiers of the Termite, Macrotermes gilvus (Hagen), by the Scuttle Fly, Megaselia scalaris (Loew) (Diptera: Phoridae)
Termites of the genus Macrotermes (Termitidae: Macrotermitinae) are serious agricultural and structural pests, which also play vital roles in ecosystem functioning, and are crucial for theExpand