Sunila Modi

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Distributed Agile Development is gaining prevalence in the global software engineering field. However establishing and negotiating common ground across geographical, temporal and cultural borders can be a challenging process for distributed team members. This paper reports on early findings of one case study and investigates how common ground or mutually(More)
The discipline of human-computer interaction has become a subject taught across universities around the world, outside of the cultures where it originated. However, the intercultural implication of its assimilation into the syllabus of courses offered by universities around the world remains under-researched. The purpose of this ongoing research project is(More)
Co-located agile teams rely heavily on physical proximity, face-to-face communication, coordination and close collaboration. These tenets of agile methods are hampered in globally distributed environments and the shortcomings have to be consciously addressed and supported through various activities between the onshore and offshore locations. This paper(More)
To move up the value chain, Chinese software and services outsourcing (SSO) providers will need to provide more value-added services by improving their organisational capabilities and innovative capacity. This paper reports on early findings on processes in which Chinese SSOs engage in order to move up the value chain, towards a transformative collaborative(More)
Agile methodologies in software development are gaining prominence in global settings where distributed cross-cultural software teams collaborate on projects, addressing the needs of dynamic business environments. However, undertaking collaborative work in distributed settings can create significant challenges, especially as a number of agile principles and(More)
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