Sunil Vadera

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The past decade has seen a significant interest on the problem of inducing decision trees that take account of costs of misclassification and costs of acquiring the features used for decision making. This survey identifies over 50 algorithms including approaches that are direct adaptations of accuracy-based methods, use genetic algorithms, use anytime(More)
An important advantages of using a formal method of developing software is that one can prove that development steps are correct with respect to their specification. Conducting proofs by hand, however, can be time consuming to the extent that designers have to judge whether a proof of a particular obligation is worth conducting. Even if hand proofs are(More)
For many real time applications, it is impor­ tant to validate the information received from the sensors before entering higher levels of reasoning. This paper presents an any time probabilistic algorithm for validating the in­ formation provided by sensors. The sys­ tem consists of two Bayesian network mod­ els. The first one is a model of the dependen­(More)
The validation of data from sensors has be­ come an important issue in the operation and control of modern industrial plants. One ap­ proach is to use know ledge based techniques to detect inconsistencies in measured data. This article presents a probabilistic model for the detection of such inconsistencies. Based on probability propagation, this method is(More)
Since their inception, entity relationship models have played a central role in systems specification, analysis and development. They have become an important part of several development methodologies and standards such as SSADM. Obtaining entity relationship models, can however, be a lengthy and time consuming task for all but the very smallest of(More)