Sunil V. K. Gaddam

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This paper puts forth a fresh methodology for the secure storage of fingerprint template by generating Secured Feature Matrix and keys for cryptographic techniques applied for data Encryption or Decryption with the aid of cancellable biometric features. Conventional techniques depend on biometric features like face, fingerprint, hand geometry, iris,(More)
Identity theft can be effectively solved by the integration of biometrics and cryptography. Lately, researchers and experimenters have been greatly attracted by the improved performance (protection) of cryptographic keys produced from biometrics. However, there exists an eternal association between the biometric and the user, where in, alteration is not(More)
With the emergence of the gigabit high speed next generation networks (NGN) and the next generation Internet (NGI), intended to support a wide range of services, applications and mechanisms based on service building blocks, with stringent QoS requirements, sharply increasing demands and usage, there is undoubtedly an urgent and enormous need to develop much(More)
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