Sunil Subramanya

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Solid State Disks (SSDs) using NAND flash memory are increasingly being adopted in the high-end servers of datacenters to improve performance of the I/O-intensive applications. Compared to the traditional enterprise class hard disks, SSDs provide faster read performance, lower cooling cost, and higher power efficiency. However, write performance of a flash(More)
A decade since the availability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) genome sequence, no promising drug has seen the light of the day. This not only indicates the challenges in discovering new drugs but also suggests a gap in our current understanding of Mtb biology. We attempt to bridge this gap by carrying out extensive re-annotation and constructing a(More)
Data management costs have skyrocketed due to increase in both the volume and complexity of storage solutions. Object based storage (OSD) is a new paradigm that has gained increasing acceptance due to ability of embedding intelligence in the storage devices thereby aiding in ease of management. Even in this age of fault tolerant system, data backup is still(More)
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