Sunil Shrestha

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Present study was conducted to assess the nasal carriage rate of methicilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among patients, visitors/patient attendants and healthcare personnel at National Medical College Teaching Hospital, Birgunj, Nepal. A total of 112 nasal swabs (patients: 31, visitors/patient attendants: 61, and healthcare personnel: 20) were(More)
OBJECTIVE Restricted and repetitive behaviors, and a pronounced preference for behavioral and environmental consistency, are distinctive characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Whether these clinical features of ASD are related to fundamental neuropsychological impairments in behavioral flexibility remains to be clarified. METHOD Forty-one(More)
BACKGROUND Intestinal parasitosis is a major public health problem of developing countries, children being major victims. Higher prevalence has been reported among school children, mostly in hilly regions of Nepal. This study aims at assessing prevalence of intestinal parasitosis among school children of a school in a border town of Nepal and the associated(More)
BACKGROUND A national eye care programme was launched in Nepal in the early 1980s. The impact of this programme on blindness and cataract surgery prevalence was evaluated in two geographic zones. METHODS People aged 45 years and older were sampled using a stratified cluster design. Within randomly selected clusters, door to door enumeration was followed(More)
Geriatric health care has become a major issue worldwide. There are no data regarding geriatric dermatologic diseases are available from Nepal. Patients of 60 years and above were enrolled in the Nepali fiscal year 2067(April 2010-April 2011). The data included age, sex, place, and diagnosis. The aim of the study is to determine the characteristic pattern(More)
BACKGROUND It is acknowledged that size and site of tympanic membrane perforation is proportional to degree of hearing loss but there are many studies which suggests otherwise. Persistent ear discharge is also supposed to deteriorate hearing level with passage of time. This study is carried out to find out the relation between size and site of tympanic(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of tuberculous lymphadenitis in enlarged neck nodes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Continuous prospective study is carried out in the department of otorhinolaryngology head & neck surgery, Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu, during two years, from January 2006 to January 2008. The study included a group of 155 patients with(More)
Vaginitis is the most prevalent disorder among the pregnant women. The objective of this study was to find out the prevalence of common types of vaginitis among the pregnant women visiting Paropakar Maternity and Women's Hospital in Kathmandu. Among 200 pregnant women included in the study, 78 (39.0%) had vaginitis. Of total 78 positive cases of vaginitis,(More)
The Surgeons OverSeas assessment of surgical need (SOSAS) tool, a population-based survey on surgical conditions in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), was performed in Sierra Leone and Rwanda. This pilot study in Nepal is the initial implementation of the SOSAS survey in South Asia. A pilot study of SOSAS, modified for Nepal’s needs and reprogrammed(More)
INTRODUCTION Various techniques are available for isolation of microorganism in cases of microbial keratitis including conventional methods of scraping, re-scraping inoculation in different media and corneal biopsy. METHODS This was a cross sectional descriptive study conducted from February 2002 to July 2003. A total of 161 eyes of corneal ulcers were(More)