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Commonly used dependence measures, such as linear correlation, cross-correlogram, or Kendall's tau , cannot capture the complete dependence structure in data unless the structure is restricted to linear, periodic, or monotonic. Mutual information (MI) has been frequently utilized for capturing the complete dependence structure including nonlinear(More)
A method is presented for controlling element sizes on the interior of areas during surface meshing. A Delaunay background mesh is defined over which a neighborhood based interpolation scheme is used to interpolate element sizes. A brief description of natural neighbor interpolation is included and compared to linear interpolation. Two specific applications(More)
Quad-morphing is a new technique used for generating quadrilaterals from an existing triangle mesh. Beginning with an initial triangulation, triangles are systematically transformed and combined. An advancing front method is used to determine the order of transformations. An all-quadrilateral mesh containing elements aligned with the area boundaries with(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional (rigid) fusion instrumentation is believed to accelerate the degeneration of adjacent discs by increasing stresses caused by motion discontinuity. Fusion instrumentation that employs reduced rod stiffness and increased axial motion, or dynamic instrumentation, may partially alleviate this problem, but the effects of this(More)