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* The entrepreneurial case study showcases 'morethailand.com' an e-intermediary in the tourism industry. Based out of Thailand, the firm is in the process of finding a niche for itself through innovative online and offline marketing strategies with the constraint of limited resources. The case study attempts to focus on the e-business challenges in the(More)
Purpose:The paper presents the process of segmenting an organization's customers through a process of K-mean clustering and subsequent expert judgment. Methodology/Approach: The paper adopts a case study methodology Findings:The case study illustrates the use of data mining techniques in segmenting and profiling of customers by a travel intermediary in(More)
The use of the Internet for communicating and transacting with customers has been growing rapidly in the worldwide tourism industry. However, there is a large variation in the intensity of use of e-commerce in the travel and tourism industry. While the Internet usage varies across countries, even within a country there are large variations amongst(More)
As tourism booking is increasingly becoming an on-line activity, the patterns of on-line booking have become an important area of focus for on-line travel agents and destination marketing organizations. The study attempts of segment on-line tourist enquiries received for four popular destinations in Thailand. While segmentation research is a well(More)
The study attempts to link external and internal factors related to a hotel to its dependence on e-commerce. In terms of managerial implications, the study gives an insight towards the reasons behind e-commerce usage in the hotel industry. This will be very useful for e-intermediaries in assessing new opportunities for expansion and market growth. Thailand(More)
The information and communication technologies are revolutionizing the hospitality sector over the years. This study looks at the propensity for adoption of ICT based facilities in the hotel industry. There is a large variation in the propensity of adoption of ICTs among the hotels in the industry. In this study the factors that influence a hotel's(More)
Purpose: The paper looks at how different categories of keywords used in paid placement campaigns influence the click through rate of potential searchers. Design/ Methodology: The paper analyses data from a online travel agency based in Thailand and considers over 5000 keywords for analysis. Findings: The predominant influence of the average position(More)
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