Sunil R. Tiyyagura

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% HPC Challenge (HPCC) benchmark suite and the Intel MPI Benchmark ~~) are used to compare and evaluate the combinedpevformance of processor, memov subsystem and interconnect fabric of five leading supercomputers-SGI Altix BX2, Cray XI, Cray Opteron Cluster, Dell Xeon cluster, and NEC SX-8. These five systems use Jive dgerent networks (SGI W M L m K 4 ,(More)
The HPC Challenge benchmark suite (HPCC) was released to analyze the performance of high-performance computing architectures using several kernels to measure different memory and hardware access patterns comprising latency based measurements, memory streaming, inter-process communication and floating point computation. HPCC defines a set of benchmarks(More)
Many applications based on finite element and finite difference methods include the solution of large sparse linear systems using preconditioned iterative methods. Matrix vector multiplication is one of the key operations that has a significant impact on the performance of any iterative solver. In this paper, recent developments in sparse storage formats on(More)
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