Sunil R. Adhau

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Simultaneously running multiple projects are quite common in industries. These projects require local (always available to the concerned project) and global (shared among the projects) resources that are available in limited quantity. The limited availability of the global resources coupled with compelling schedule requirements at different projects leads(More)
The earlier research in the area of multi-project scheduling is primarily focused on developing efficient priority rules for setting of due dates for new projects, resource allocation to the active projects, and activity scheduling. The priority rule-based heuristics suffer from the drawbacks of providing poor quality schedules and inflexibility. Recently,(More)
In this paper, a multi agent based decentralized decision making approach is presented for allocating resources and scheduling of distributed multiple projects. The resource allocation and scheduling is performed cooperatively and collectively by a group of autonomous project agents, resource agents and a mediator agent. We propose a price mechanism that(More)
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