Sunil Noronha

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Understanding the intents of the search users have recently been a popular research topic among Information Retrieval community. Accurate inference of the intent is a major goal of today’s search engines. Ranking the relevant Web documents, targeting better advertisements, assisting the user with better suggested queries are just a few applications where(More)
Business performance continues to be one of the principal subjects in enterprise operations. The evolution of the service economy brings renewed interest to the field of performance modeling. Senior managerial decision makers constantly seek to improve the performance of an organization. Key areas of interest are what aspects of the business are important(More)
Recommender systems assist the consumers of service oriented environment to find out and select the most suitable services from a large number of available ones. Proposed paper is based on Personalized Recommendation System for medical assistance using keyword extraction. User can search doctor’s profiles or hospital names according to doctor and hospital(More)
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