Sunil L. Kukreja

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Representation and identification of a parallel pathway description of ankle dynamics as a model of the nonlinear autoregressive, moving average exogenous (NARMAX) class is considered. A nonlinear difference equation describing this ankle model is derived theoretically and shown to be of the NARMAX form. Identification methods for NARMAX models are applied(More)
Traditional rigid robotic hand manipulator has been used in many field nowadays due to its advantages of large gripping force and stable performance. However, this kind of rigid manipulator is not suitable for gripping fragile objects since it is motorized and force control can be a problem. It is also not suitable to grip object with different shapes since(More)
Basis pursuit denoising is a new approach for data-driven estimation of parametric images from dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) data. At present, this kinetic modeling technique does not allow for the estimation of the errors on the parameters. These estimates are useful when performing subsequent statistical analysis, such as, inference across a(More)
— In many applications of system identification, output measurements are available, but measurements of the input are not available. In these cases, sensor-only identification techniques are needed. In the present paper, we define a discrete-time MIMO pseudo transfer function (PTF) between sensor measurements in a sampled-data system with multiple(More)
— Motivated by passive health monitoring applications , we consider identification where only sensor measurements are available. The goal is to exploit unknown ambient disturbances and thus avoid the need for controlled actuation. To achieve this, we identify a pseudo transfer function (PTF) between sensor measurements. For the single-input case, one sensor(More)
A "Multimode" or "switched" system is one that switches between various modes of operation. When a switch occurs from one mode to another, a discontinuity may result followed by a smooth evolution under the new regime. Characterizing the switching behavior of these systems is not well understood and, therefore, identification of multimode systems typically(More)
— We develop a method for identifying SISO Ham-merstein systems with an unknown static nonlinearity, linear dynamics, white input noise and colored output noise. We use least squares with a µ-Markov model to estimate the Markov parameters of the linear time-invariant dynamical system. Since the input to the linear system is not available, we use a(More)
— We consider the problem of data-based model refinement, where we assume the availability of an initial model, which may incorporate both physical laws and empirical observations. With this initial model as a starting point, our goal is to use additional measurements to refine the model. In particular, components of the model that are poorly modeled can be(More)
Cerebrovascular accident or stroke is one of the major brain impairments that affects numerous people globally. After a unilateral stroke, sensory motor damages contralateral to the brain lesion occur in many patients. As a result, gait remains impaired and asymmetric. This paper describes and simulates a novel closed loop algorithm designed for the control(More)