Sunil Kulkarni

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CORDIC stands for COrdinate Rotation Digital Computer, is an algorithm developed to compute trigonometric function through series of rotation. Para-CORDIC is the latest method of implementation of CORDIC equations and has an advantage over other implementation algorithm in terms of speed and accuracy. This paper presents the implementation of Para-CORDIC(More)
The paper presents design and development of Wireless Telecommand (TC) and Telemetry (TM) subsystems for satellite. The Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee standard is used for wireless command distribution and acquisition of health parameters from different subsystems in a spacecraft. The wireless TC system is designed to(More)
PURPOSE To compare antegrade interlocking nailing with dynamic compression plating for humeral shaft fractures in terms of functional outcomes, union and complication rates. METHODS 34 men and 22 women aged >18 years with fresh humeral shaft fractures (up to grade IIIa) with or without neurological deficits underwent either antegrade interlocking nailing(More)
A residue analysis method for the simultaneous estimation of 349 pesticides, 11 PCBs and 15 PAHs extracted from grape, pomegranate, okra, tomato and onion matrices, was established by using a gas chromatograph coupled to an electron impact ionization triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC-EI-MS/MS). The samples were extracted by ethyl acetate and cleaned(More)
BACKGROUND The limb lengthening over plate eliminates the associated risk of infection with limb lengthening over intramedullary nail. We present our experience of limb lengthening in 15 patients with a plate fixed on the proximal segment, followed by corticotomy and application of external fixator. MATERIALS AND METHODS 15 patients (7 females, 8 males)(More)
Textiloma is defined as a tumor formed due to retained gauze. It is rarely reported in the musculoskeletal system. We are presenting a case with a soft tissue swelling over the lateral aspect of the lower third of the leg, come for implant removal of the distal tibia and fibular fracture. We removed the soft tissue mass enbloc thinking it to be a benign(More)
In the past 20 years, computerization has driven explosive growth in the volume of financial markets and in the variety of traded financial instruments. Increasingly sophisticated mathematical and statistical methods and rapidly expanding computational power to drive them have given rise to the field of computational finance. The wide applicability of these(More)
BACKGROUND Carnitine insufficiency is responsible for various co-morbid conditions in maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients. L-carnitine supplementation is expected to improve the quality of life (QoL) of patients on MHD. AIMS To study the effect of L-carnitine supplementation on QoL of Indian patients on MHD. SETTING AND DESIGN This was a single(More)
PURPOSE To review the outcome after open reduction and internal fixation using a periarticular raft construct through a locking plate without bone grafting for split-depression tibial plateau fractures. METHODS Records of 38 knees in 31 men and 7 women aged 25 to 75 (mean, 42.7) years who underwent open reduction and internal fixation using a(More)