Sunil Karthick

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  • S Karthick, Mahesh P, Aravindkumar R, I Introduction
  • 2015
In VLSI arithmetic circuits plays a important role. In this adder is one of the arithmetic circuits. In this paper, the half adder is being designed by using adaptive voltage level (AVL) techniques. These design are used to reduce the power consumption compared to other conventional design. We can reduce the value of the total power dissipation by using(More)
Main concepts in DSP include filtering, averaging, modulating, and correlating the signals in digital form to estimate characteristic parameter of a signal into a desirable form. This paper presents a brief concept of low power datapath impact for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based biomedical application. Systolic array based digital filter used in(More)
The growing design complexity has attracted the designs with Reconfigurable fabrics, where adaptable fabrics are utilized to solve the computational problems. Reconfigurable computing provides the flexibility in arriving at the problem specific architectures which helps in improving the performance due to custom approach. In this paper, a flexible(More)
To achieve high firmness ratio in video coding, a method identified as Block Matching Motion Estimation has been widely adopted in different coding standards. This method is implemented typically by comprehensively testing all the candidate blocks within the investigate window. This type of realization called Full Search (FS) Algorithm, gives the finest(More)
A pure CORDIC based architecture is used to calculate the FFT in signal processing. Though many hardware efficient algorithms exist, but these are not generally known due to the dominance of software systems. Among these algorithm is a set of shift and add operation collectively known as CORDIC used for computing a wide range of function including certain(More)