Sunil Dutta

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This paper characterizes optimal pay-performance sensitivities of compensation contracts for managers who have private information about their skills, and those skills affect their outside employment opportunities. The model presumes that the rate at which a man-ager's opportunity wage increases in his expertise depends on the nature of that expertise,(More)
their helpful comments and suggestions. Abstract In a model with irreversible capacity investments, we show that nancial statements prepared under replacement cost accounting provide investors with sucient information for equity valuation purposes. Under alternative accounting rules, including historical cost and value in use accounting, investors will(More)
you in the editorial and take the liberty to add that any possible cases of alleged mal-practices should be left to the Medical Council to decide about, judiciary coming into picture only in the exceptional circumstances ! The points raised by Sharuia et al, in their letter "Does Carbainazepine Alter the Electro-Convulsive Threshold" (Joumal,27(More)
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