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The key atomistic mechanisms of graphene formation on Ni for technologically relevant hydrocarbon exposures below 600 °C are directly revealed via complementary in situ scanning tunneling microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. For clean Ni(111) below 500 °C, two different surface carbide (Ni2C) conversion mechanisms are dominant which both yield(More)
In the present research a salt of vincamine, a poorly bioavailable indole alkaloid derived from the leaves of Vinca minor L., was synthesized in the solid state by means of a mechanochemical process employing citric acid as a reagent. The mechanochemical process was adopted as a solvent-free alternative to classical citrate synthetic route that involves the(More)
A SPICE model that predicts the Self Sustained Operation (SSO) used in programming of a Floating Body Cell (FBC) is presented. This model, which is calibrated to the contributions of the MOS, BJT and Impact Ionization (II) currents, is demonstrated to accurately predict the static and switching characteristics of the cell. Accurate modeling of device(More)
Address for Correspondence: Dr. Sherry Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Phone No.: +919872830406 E-Mail: Introduction: Variations of nerve are not only of anatomic and embryological interest but also of clinical importance. Their adequate knowledge(More)
Since the first report in 2012, molecular copper complexes have been proposed as efficient electrocatalysts for water oxidation reactions, carried out in alkaline/neutral aqueous media. However, in some cases the copper species have been recognized as precursors of an active copper oxide layer, electrodeposited onto the working electrode. Therefore, the(More)
Plantaris, a small muscle with its long slender tendon, is of interest not only from anatomical but also from phylogenetic view point. It is regarded as vestigial in man, believing that, with assumption of an erect posture, the tendon lost its original insertion into plantar aponeurosis and gained a secondary calcaneal attachment. The muscle is known to(More)
Variations of nerve are not only of anatomic and embryological interest but also of clinical importance. Their adequate knowledge will help in increasing surgical precision and decreasing morbidity. Anatomical variations in the formation of the sural nerve are common, although the topographical localization of this nerve is constant. In this report, we(More)
We grow dense carbon nanotube forests at 450 °C on Cu support using Co/Al/Mo multilayer catalyst. As a partial barrier layer for the diffusion of Co into Mo, we apply very thin Al layer with the nominal thickness of 0.50 nm between Co and Mo. This Al layer plays an important role in the growth of dense CNT forests, partially preventing the Co-Mo(More)
The aim of the paper is to design a digital BPSK modulator for Ground Penetrating Radar applications. . The BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying) is one of the three basic binary modulation techniques. It has as a result only two phases of the carrier, at the same frequency, but separated by 180o. In this paper we took modulation as a main stream and analyzed(More)
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