Sunil Agrawal

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USA Abstract − In this paper, we study the design and workspace of a 6-6 cable-suspended parallel robot. The workspace volume is characterized as the set of points where the centroid of the MP (MP) can reach with tensions in all suspension cables at a constant orientation. This paper attempts to tackle some aspects of optimal design of a 6DOF cable robot by(More)
A motorized upper extremity orthosis based on the passive WREX system is being developed. The orthosis is a 4 dof arm controlled by user residual force inputs. The arm is intended for people with neuromuscular weakness due to muscular dystrophy or spinal muscular atrophy. Previous work determined that actuation in parallel with gravity balancing springs(More)
PURPOSE Power mobility training for young children and infants appears feasible under controlled conditions. Dynamic, natural environments provide the ultimate test of training. The purpose of this case study was to determine whether it was feasible for Will, a 3-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, to use a power mobility device (UD2) in his preschool(More)
PURPOSE Our previous study found it feasible for a preschooler with cerebral palsy (CP) to use a power mobility device in his classroom but noted a lack of typical socialization. The purpose of this follow-up study was to determine the feasibility of providing mobility and socialization training for this child. METHODS Will, a 3-year-old with CP, 1(More)
PURPOSE Power mobility is a critical assistive technology for many children with special needs. Our previous work suggests that certain infants younger than the age 1 year of age can participate in formal power mobility training. KEY POINTS This case report describes the feasibility of providing a power mobility training program with a young infant with(More)
The slides ergometer (SE) was an improvisation from fixed ergometer (FE) to bridge the gap of mechanics between ergometer rowing and on-water rowing. The specific mechanical constraints of these two types of ergometers may affect the pattern of muscle recruitment, coordination and adaptation. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the muscle synergy(More)