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USA Abstract − In this paper, we study the design and workspace of a 6-6 cable-suspended parallel robot. The workspace volume is characterized as the set of points where the centroid of the MP (MP) can reach with tensions in all suspension cables at a constant orientation. This paper attempts to tackle some aspects of optimal design of a 6DOF cable robot by(More)
This paper describes the modeling and control of a proportional-injector direct-injection monopropellant-powered actuator for use in power-autonomous human-scale mobile robots. The development and use of proportional (as opposed to solenoid) injection valves enables a continuous and unified input/output description of the device, and therefore enables the(More)
In recent years, rapid growth in the number of vehicles on the road has increased demands for communication on the move. A new kind of Ad hoc network with an immense improvement in technological innovations is emerging these days known as VANET (Vehicular ad hoc network). It is an assortment of vehicular nodes that act as mobile hosts establish a transient(More)
Design of a flapping mechanism for flapping wing micro air vehicles (FWMAV) is presented based on a mathematical model of insect thorax. This model also includes an aerodynamic model of flapping wings. Using experiments on dynamically scaled wings and numerical optimization, the mechanism is tuned for peak aerodynamic performance. The thorax model is used(More)
Traffic congestion is a challenging problem in the present scenario where we are enjoying the conveniences of automobiles every day and want faster transportation. This problem is increasing exponentially day by day so to deal with this problem we devise an adaptive traffic signal controller (TSC) as traditional traffic signal controllers are inefficient in(More)
P2P applications supposedly constitute a substantial proportion of today's Internet traffic. The ability to accurately identify different P2P applications in internet traffic is important to a broad range of network operations including application-specific traffic engineering, capacity planning, resource provisioning, service differentiation, etc. However,(More)
Drape coefficient is a dependent value which itself is not sufficient to describe drape. Along, with this other drape parameters are also required to have a profound understanding of drape. In this paper it has been tried to find out the height dependency of these parameters to explain drape more explicitly. It shows that a positive correlation exists(More)
Glass defects which result into poor quality are a major reason of embarrassment for manufacturers. It is an extremely tedious process to manually inspect very large size glasses. The manual inspection process is slow, time-consuming and prone to human error. Automatic inspection systems using image processing can overcome many of these disadvantages and(More)