Sunil Acharya

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Transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) functions as a tumor suppressor in premalignant cells but as a metastasis promoter in cancer cells. The dichotomous functions of TGF-β are proposed to be dictated by different partners of its downstream effector Smads. However, the mechanism for the contextual changes of Smad partners remained undefined. Here, we(More)
External sensing applications in automobiles are enabled by Microsystems that can sense and analyze 3D environment. In this paper, we describe the system design of a time-of-flight (TOF) 3D range camera for parking assist and backup application. The camera operates based on measuring the time delay of modulated infrared light from an active emitter, using a(More)
Thyroid transcription factor-1 (TTF-1/Nkx2.1/TITF1) is a homeodomain-containing transcription factor essential for the morphogenesis and differentiation of the lung. In the lung, TTF-1 controls the expression of surfactant proteins that are essential for lung stability and lung host defense. In this study, we identified functionally important transcription(More)
Consumer depth cameras have dramatically improved our ability to track rigid, articulated, and deformable 3D objects in real-time. However, depth cameras have a limited temporal resolution (frame-rate) that restricts the accuracy and robustness of tracking, especially for fast or unpredictable motion. In this paper, we show how to perform model-based object(More)
Tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors (AIs) have shown efficacy in prevention of estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer; however, there exists no proven prevention strategy for estrogen receptor-negative (ER-) breast cancer. Up to 40% of ER- breast cancers have human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 overexpression (HER2+), suggesting HER2 signaling(More)
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