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One important test for the formation and grading of a lithium-ion battery is to confirm the performance of the battery while discharging it down to zero volts. In this paper, a novel soft-switching charge/discharge converter with the zero voltage discharge function is proposed. The proposed converter is able to discharge a battery until its voltage reaches(More)
In this paper, a novel soft-switching full-bridge converter with an additional secondary switch and a nondissipative energy recovery snubber is proposed. Thanks to the combination of an active switch and the capacitor—diode–diode snubber employed at the secondary side of the converter, the proposed converter can achieve zero-voltage(More)
A novel hybrid on-board charger consisting of a phase shift full bridge (PSFB) and a half bridge LLC resonant converter with shared lagging-leg switches is proposed. The proposed topology adopts an additional switch and a diode in the secondary side of the PSFB converter to guarantee the wide ZVS range of the lagging-leg switches and to eliminate the(More)
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