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From the advent of very large scale integration (VLSI) design, a larger power consumption of a scan-based testing has been one of the most serious problems. The large number of scan cells lead to excessive switching activities during the scan shifting operations. In this paper, we present a new scan shifting method based on clock gating of multiple groups(More)
The exponential advance in semiconductor manufacturing technology is bringing heavy increase not only in power consumption but in test data volume as well. Moreover, power consumption in test mode is much higher than that in the functional operation mode. In this paper, a low power scan bypass technique is proposed to reduce both the test data volume and(More)
As technology processes scale up and design complexities grow, system-on-chip integration continues to rise rapidly. According to these trends, increasing test data volume is one of the biggest challenges in the testing industry. In this paper, we present a new test data compression method based on reusing a stored set with tri-state coding (TSC). For(More)
As a scan-based testing enables higher test coverage and faster test time than alternative ways, it is widely used by most system-on-chip (SoC) designers. However, since the number of logic gates is over one hundred million gates, a number of scan cells lead to excessive power consumption and it produces a low shifting frequency during the scan shifting(More)
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