Sungwoo Sohn

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The identification of multicomponent alloys out of a vast compositional space is a daunting task, especially for bulk metallic glasses composed of three or more elements. Despite an increasing theoretical understanding of glass formation, bulk metallic glasses are predominantly developed through a sequential and time-consuming trial-and-error approach. Even(More)
Metals of hybrid nano-/microstructures are of broad technological and fundamental interests. Manipulation of shape and composition on the nanoscale, however, is challenging, especially for multicomponent alloys such as metallic glasses. Although top-down approaches have demonstrated nanomoulding, they are limited to very few alloy systems. Here we report a(More)
A high-yield solution-processed ultrathin (<10 nm) trigonal tellurium (t-Te) nanowire (NW) is introduced as a new class of piezoelectric nanomaterial with a six-fold higher piezoelectric constant compared to conventional ZnO NWs for a high-volume power-density nanogenerator (NG). While determining the energy-harvesting principle in a NG consisting of t-Te(More)
Atomistic understanding of crystallization in solids is incomplete due to the lack of appropriate materials and direct experimental tools. Metallic glasses possess simple metallic bonds and slow crystallization kinetics, making them suitable to study crystallization. Here, we investigate crystallization of metallic glass-forming liquids by in-situ heating(More)
Heterogeneous electrode materials with hierarchical architectures promise to enable considerable improvement in future energy storage devices. In this study, we report on a tailored synthetic strategy used to create heterogeneous tungsten sulfide/oxide core-shell nanofiber materials with vertically and randomly aligned thorn-bush features, and we evaluate(More)
Many physical phenomena deviate from their established frameworks when the system approaches relevant length scales governing the phenomena. In crystallization, the relevant length scales are the nucleation length set by the nucleus size and density, and the growth length set by diffusion fields. Here we observe unexpected crystallization phenomena at the(More)
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